Post — City

Collaboration for the Luxembourg Pavilion for the XIII Biennale of Venice.
Curatorship and scenography by Yi-Der Chou, Philippe Nathan (2001 architectures) and Radim Louda.

Rather an attitude towards the city than an urban proposal, Post — City tries to magnify the already existing forces of Luxembourg’s built environment. In order to tackle the larger-scale issues the country is — and will be — facing, as well as its relationships towards the development of the 21st century city in general, we propose to deal with the territory through a sensitive analysis. Based on an assumed subjective approach, Post — City works as a zoom-out process. Starting with the exploration of the particular, Post — City proposes to connect five specific environments of contemporary Luxembourg. Considered by us to be equally important, Belval, Berchem, Ingeldorf, Kirchberg and Schengen are connected by a dense corridor of urban scenes. Made of an extremely pragmatic infrastructure and an accumulation of existing and fictional built situations, Post — City acts as a visual concentration of urban realities and potentials. As a natural consequence of the process, a triangular urban fabric with a connected heart cuts through Luxembourg, creating, as a leftover, an undefined landscape, a territory of all possibilities. Post — City: an almost romantic approach with an almost totalitarian consequence. Or, how the contemplation of a local case led us to a total urban tale.