Proposal for La Cambre Photography Architecture Biennale 2010.

Beyond its geo-political definition, a territory is defined by an history of events and stigmas part the population’s culture.  The dramatic and media attracting events in Belgium serve as the starting perspective to this work.   More precisely the choice of subjects dealt with here with sensitivity and fascination originates in the personal memories of an individual (the photographer) representative of the Community.
The accidental death of the King of Belgium, the Ghislenghien tragedy or the Dutroux scandal are amongst the sensitive subjects.  Their widespread diffusion by the media keeps them vivid in people’s minds.
Contrary to the journalist attitude, in the midst of the action and in direct link with the event, the photographer chooses a delayed and contemplative vision of the scene.
The human dimension/intervention can be observed through the physical  marks left by the natural or voluntary transformation of the place.
Mirroring the epitaph inscription commemorating a deceased on a tomb, the photographer wishes to leave a mark. Through shooting the places where events have become memories, he intends to celebrate persons and not  dramatic circumstances.

Sara Cremer / Radim Louda

9 images 50×60 cm